What is WordPress Multisite?

Is this you or do you see your self doing this?

You’ve started out into the world with your first business and created a website. As time goes on, you have more brilliant ideas/services that aren’t related and need their own site too.

So you build another, then another. Once you have all these passions, you don’t have a way to tie them all together.

When new people first meet you, they don’t have an easy way to see what you are all about. So now you think now is the time to create your personal brand.

Now you have 3 or more sites, each site adding more things that need updating and maintained. Which means more of your time, frustration and money!

Would you like a better way?

The answer is the powerful WordPress Multisite! It’s a WordPress configuration that can be enabled that lets you launch several sites off the main site and use the core files and plugins for all ‘child sites’. Which also means that you only have one set of core/plugin updates to maintain rather than one set for each site. It’s not something that alot of users may know about, but it’s so powerful and I feel that it can be used in a lot of situations. So its worth getting the details to determine if it’s right for your sites.

Here is two of my favorite WordPress Mulitsite network structures to give you a visual concept:

There is just ONE set of core files, themes and plugins to be updated and maintained for all sites. All these sites are accessible from the admin back end and each can have their own unique domain name.

Click Here to see what else is different.

Curious if Multisite is right for you?

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