Your brand does not start with a logo or website as many people think. It starts with a clear message you wish to communicate. Do you know your message? It is incredibly important to have the right message that resonates with what you want to do in the world and clearly communicates it to your customers. Once you know your own unique value and your brand message, it’s time to deliver it.


Brand Identity Packages

A logo is only part of brand’s identity. Brand identity can be viewed as the environment within which a brand lives. It extends to everything having to do with the brand, from letterhead to architectural treatments.

Developing a recognizable brand is a process. It takes time and commitment. And it’s a good idea to begin the process with a strong and consistent look. Whether your business is conducted from a bricks-and-mortar headquarters or exists only on the Web, brand identity is crucial to separating yourself from your competition.

Your brand strength is weakened when you meet a prospect at an event, give them your business card, and then proceed to your website looks completely different from the card in your hand. Ensure that you company takes measures to ensure that there are absolutely no variations in your brand from one touchpoint to another.

My branding packages include everything necessary for establishing your online presence and your brand. They are a logical, practical application of our brainstorming sessions where we learn your particular brand and strategy. My Identity Packages design & process includes:

  • An in-depth phone consultation with a series of important questions I ask to guide you toward the vision, goals, message, personality and image for your particular business, project or event.
  • 1 design concept created from your color choices, font and personal preferences.
  • 3 rounds of revisions
  • Final design delivered in several formats depending on type of item: PDF, PNG, GIF & Publisher.

I have a very successful track record of being able to put YOUR personality into the design — I hit it dead on with one design — rather then increasing your costs by developing multiple design concepts. See my brand portfolio below.


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P.S. Here’s a few words from a pleased client, Marie-Claude (MC) Lessard on her personal brand package:

MC Lessard

I feel like I've won at the lottery! As a result of hiring Karissa, I not only have a logo and website that truly reflect my essence but I also have a strategic foundation from which future versions, as well as my online presence, will continue to be developed. Karissa is like a holistic web practitioner if you will. While collaborating, she listened attentively, researched diligently, and kept her nose to the grindstone until I was satisfied. Karissa is one of few people-focused, service-driven, and results-centred technical professionals out there. I highly recommend her services.

MC Lessard ♥

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