Audio & Video Support

More than ever, audio and video need to be considered in website design. As more people are able to view video and listen to audio on their computers, the demand for these components is growing. I have the capability to help you answer the demand. From editing out technical issues with conference calls and videos & webinar replays to adding in images to videos.

Here are the many ways I can assist you:

Audio & Video Recordings

There are several different options available based on what your immediate and long term needs are. For audio, I can provide a phone number that you call to leave a message, then post on your site or you can send me your finished mp3.

For videos they need to be under 100MB in size, and in .mov, .mp4, .mpg, .avi, .wmv, .3gp, or .3g2 file format.

Or you can go directly to my source and create your OWN account. This includes unlimited Audios & Videos. As part of a maintenance plan, you would provide me with your login details to retrieve the embed code to post on your site.


Loading a MP3 provided by you
Creating a music playlist

Implementing Ustream Technologies

I can assist you in setting up your Ustream channel including graphics and settings. I can also recommend what camera you should get for the best quality for viewing.

Converting PowerPoint slide to video and post

I recommend you use though I can assist in the creation and uploading of it.