Do you need a new brand or clean-up an old one? Tired of doing it all yourself?

I will work closely with you to build a strong, branded presence and coach you on which action steps you need to take to achieve your business branding goals. Over a 3-4 month period, we will create and setup all the pieces needed to have an online business with ease.

Here are packages I offer to serve you to where you are going I can offer you. In our Strategy Session, I go more in depth of what will serve you best.

Just Starting Out

Does technology overwhelm you and don’t know where to begin setting up the systems & structures to run your online business?

This is for those that are starting out and want their website and brand created for them correctly, right from the beginning.

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Empire Builder

Do you want it to all go together? Are you confused with how to restructure your current multiple brands and related accounts to be cohesive?

This package is for professionals with multiple brands that are scattered and want to start their own personal brand outside of the businesses.

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Webinar Assistant

Do you want to host a webinar but the thought of figuring out all the pieces make you want to pull your hair out? Do you already have a system but need help on the day of the webinar?

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Online Brand Audit

Do you feel all over the place with your online presence? Can people easily find more about you through your Facebook & Twitter profiles? Are you using different images on every account?

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Technical Business Manager

Do you want someone to handle all the technical aspects of running your online business to free up your time and energy to focus on what excites and energizes you?

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Client praise…

MC Lessard Video Acknowledgment

For context, this testimonial was done during a webinar with members of MC Lessard's "Weight Release Action Program", showing the power of acknowledgment. I have edited out those members for their privacy. View the full portfolio of work I have done on for her  Personal Brand portfolio & View WRAP Brand portfolio.

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