Empire Builder

Are you confused with how to restructure your current multiple brands and related accounts to be cohesive?
This package is for professionals with multiple brands that are scattered and want to start their own personal brand outside of the businesses.

The way alot of businesses evolve is you start out with your business name and then create all these online accounts and social media profiles using that name. Then several years later you grow and have a new idea and create a second business name and identity. After even more time goes on you realize you have two distinct areas of your life that feel segregated and you want a way to join them and present the world a ‘Front Door’ to all of YOU. The best way to achieve this, is a personal brand that then links to all the places online and person that you show up as. But how do you go about sorting out the mess of accounts? Your Google account/ Facebook/Twitter/etc. is using your first business name but you that’s not the brand you want to be your primary. I guide you using my Username Strategy Map™ to figure out the best route to go using what you have NOW and what we need to create.

My Process may be a little different… I start out working directly in a fresh WordPress site with a Genesis Theme and give you behind-the-scenes access to it. At first I will load it up with the information that you initially give me but over time we grow it together with what we discover in our weekly Strategy Calls. Usually after the first month is when I start with the design of the brand and customization of your WordPress Theme. This gives me time to get to know YOU, your personality, your tastes which gives me the ability to have the brand design be a true reflection of your true essence. We will have time to get to know one another and I can reflect your true essence.

Benefits of working with me:

  • More time to work IN your business, not ON it
  • Less worrying and confusion in trying to learn the technical jargon and skills
  • Confidence that you presence in the world is the best that it can be
  • Being able to take advantage of all the tech tips and tricks that I know (Hint: I’m your secret weapon)

Here are packages I offer to serve you to where you are going. These packages are designed just for you, The Empire Builder. In our Strategy Session, I go more in depth of what will serve you best. Because this is time intensive so I only work with 2-3 clients at a time, so you have my personalized one on one attention.



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*Payment options are available in 3 parts or 6 monthly payments.