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Ready to ease the pain of technology in your business?

FBQuestion-Let me take the pain out of technology for youDo you need a makeover for your website or brand?
Are you tired of doing all the annoying “techy-stuff” yourself?
Let me ease the pain of technology in your business.

You say: “How do I know if I’m the right kind of client for you?”

Great!… Thanks for asking!

A little about you…

  • Do you have a desire to make the world a better place?
  • Are you passionate about your business and your life?
  • Are you done with trying to do it yourself and willing to invest in your business?
  • Are you intelligent, positive, open-minded, spiritually aware and have high integrity?
  • Do you want to receive tremendous value, inspiration and transformation while working with a professional?
  • Are you committed to your success and the success of others and believe in possibilities?
  • Do you want less stress and aggravation?
  • Would you like to be in a better mood without having to deal with technical tasks?
  • Are you an author, coach, speaker, teacher or healer?
  • Do you want to free up your time so you can focus on the things you enjoy and are more skilled at?

You say: “This sounds like me, but  how do I know if your a good fit for me?”

A little about me…

My purple office. (Click to see larger)

I’m a passionate guide for entrepreneurs who need help with building their online businesses. I have a holistic approach utilizing a “right-and-left” brain balance and use emerging technologies to fully leverage time and resources.

I’ve been in business since 2005. Although I’m based in Kansas City, Kansas USA, I work with clients internationally, including Australia, Thailand, UK, Canada and United Arab Emirates.

I LOVE technology and can set your mind at ease by coaching you through the steps you’ll need to build a strong, branded, online presence.

I’m also obsessed with “all-things-purple” and after meeting me, you won’t ever look at the color purple the same way. Read more about me HERE.

What I Stand For…

Honesty and integrity. I don’t subscribe to the high pressure, scammy, scarcity marketing tactics that are so prevalent.
Things done right! This means while perfection is not always possible, it will be pretty darn close. You can feel comfortable knowing that it’s in good hands.
Confidentiality. A high degree of professionalism and personal discretion. I guard the high level of access to accounts that I am given.
Efficiency. I have a strong desire to revolutionize, improve, maximize, optimize, grow, and make things run more efficiently.
Loyalty. I have my client’s interest at heart, sometimes even more than my own.

If your ready to realize your vision, I invite you to schedule a 15-minute Introductory Call with me!

You can ask me that ONE critical question on the phone (or Skype) that has been bothering you about your brand or technology. You’ll receive awesome guidance, and as we get to know one another, we’ll soon see if we are a “good fit” in a long term relationship.

Either way it’s a win-win! If this sounds good to you, go to to schedule your call. Or you can email me at and call me at 816-396-5533.

Looking forward to talking with YOU!



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P.S. Here’s a few words from a pleased client, Marie-Claude (MC) Lessard on her personal brand package:

I feel like I’ve won at the lottery! As a result of hiring Karissa, I not only have a logo and website that truly reflect my essence but I also have a strategic foundation from which future versions, as well as my online presence, will continue to be developed. Karissa is like a holistic web practitioner if you will. While collaborating, she listened attentively, researched diligently, and kept her nose to the grindstone until I was satisfied. Karissa is one of few people-focused, service-driven, and results-centred technical professionals out there. I highly recommend her services.

MC Lessard ♥



This is the most recent branding package I prepared for one of my clients. Visit to see more of what I do.

WRAP Branding Package - Click to see site