Case Study: MC Lessard

My work with MC Lessard started out with a branding package that included logo, tagline graphic, WordPress website design, social media graphics and icons, Free offer PDF & Wallpaper, bookmark and business card. When she begun to build her “Weight Release Action Program” it started out as just a single page on her site. Once we really […]

Always have a ‘Update’ link in your eNewsletter


Tech Business Tip: In your email marketing newsletter template, ALWAYS have a ‘Update’ link in addition to the ‘Unsubscribe’ link. I’ve unsubscribed from many newsletters just because I wanted to change the email address but that option wasn’t available and I’m not about to have to go hunting down how to sign back up again. […]

My website through the years


I started designing websites back in 2005 by using Publisher. Here is what looked like through the years. I cringe at it but yet its amazing to see the transformation. So join me taking a stroll down memory lane. ~ Karissa

More Leads. More Customers. Less Chaos. Built Just For You.


Infusionsoft knows a thing or two about sales and marketing automation. Afterall, they are the leading provider of small business sales and marketing software. Here’s an example of what Infusionsoft can do for you: 1. Automatically alert your sales and marketing team when someone fills out a web form 2. Automatically send the customer a […]

Reasons why you shouldn’t use Wix, Weebly or any other ‘free’ site builder

Are you thinking this after looking at my website packages? “I can get this same thing on Wix for free… what’s the difference? Why should I hire you?” Because a Stunning, Free Website is not what you are after. You want something else. More customers. More transactions. More fans. A website is only the medium […]

9th Anniversary Promotion


In honor of our 9th year in business we have a special offer for a brand/website makeover! Simply email or call at 816-396-5533 and we’d be glad to discuss your branding needs! We are limiting this to the first 3 that sign up so you can have personalized one on one attention.

Responsive Website Design – Why it’s Important for Your Business


Responsive website design is an approach to creating a site that uses flexible layouts. The purpose of it is to design a website that can detect and adapt to the user’s device and screen size. Regardless if the user is on a desktop computer, an iPhone, or a tablet, the site’s layout will automatically adjust […]

What is an RSS feed and why should I use it?

So glad you asked. I ran across this video that explains it a lot better then what I could. You can use this to keep updated with many of the following ways: See what your visitors are posting on your website guestbook Follow specific people on Twitter