Reasons why you shouldn’t use Wix, Weebly or any other ‘free’ site builder

Are you thinking this after looking at my website packages?

“I can get this same thing on Wix for free… what’s the difference? Why should I hire you?”

Because a Stunning, Free Website is not what you are after. You want something else. More customers. More transactions. More fans. A website is only the medium and Wix cannot promise you anything more than a website with some bells and whistles. What I can promise is that we will find the root issue you are trying to solve and I will work with you to build the best solution to that problem. I will help you find opportunities on the vast internet that you didn’t even think or know is possible. Opportunities that may very well change the future of your organization and life.

Convinced but want to know more?

A big issue for me is the url structure,!PageName|c24r6. It’s ugly and hard to remember. Just try verbally telling a customer to look at your services page. Here is the reason behind it:…/kb/ajax-technology-and-deep-linking.

Justin Harter wrote a great post on 21 reasons why you shouldn’t use Wix or any other site builder. Here are my favorite reasons from it:

  • Flash. In the case of many site builders, especially Wix, sites are usually created with Flash. No matter what they say, Flash is not search engine friendly. Google recommends against it. Yes they are changing their newer sites themes to use HTML5 but not all of their themes are.
  • 1 page only. Because Wix limits you to just one page (the Flash portions make it seem like you have multiple pages, but technically, you don’t), you decrease the amount of content Google can crawl. Decreased content means fewer keywords. Fewer keywords mean fewer searchers and traffic.
  • No data. Again with the 1-page-only thing: you can’t create multiple kinds of keywords, page titles, or meta data to be indexed for other search terms. It’s like having a phone book with only 1 page.
  • Bad first impressions. “I’m just a small shop, I need a site for cheap, I’ll use Wix anyway.” Have you ever heard the expression, “First impressions are everything?” You may think your customers aren’t discerning enough to figure out the difference, but they’ll know something is lame about it. Would you trust if it looked like your site?
  • Not mobile friendly. Slow-loading Wix sites, that are data and graphics laden, turn off all mobile users and churn through limited data plans faster. Only desktop users can see your site and they won’t wait longer than 5-7 seconds for a site to load. Would you?
  • Ads. You get a big “THIS SITE WAS CREATED WITH WIX.COM CREATE YOUR OWN FOR FREE!” banner at the bottom of your site. We put our name at the bottom of our sites because that’s what artists do. But we don’t put a big “HIRE US TO DO YOUR SITE TOO!” down there.
  • Forever costs. The highest-priced Wix plan is about $30 a month, or $360 a year. Forever. If you hired someone (we’d love it to be us), you could pay for a new site that would pay for itself in about 2 years with no monthly payments in perpetuity aside from the domain and hosting renewal costs.
  • Rome wasn’t built in a day. You can build a website with Wix or any other site builder in about 30 minutes. It takes more time to bake a cake. Don’t you assume your business or organization deserves more time and energy for it’s most important public-facing thing than a cake? We take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months, depending on the size and scope of a project.


Here are some other articles from other people saying the same thing:


Updated New Information


What should you use?

A self-hosted WordPress.ORG site on your own hosting account is best but if you MUST start out with free, the use WordPress.COM. This will allow you to easily export your content when your ready to start your own .org site.

Check out this infograph from on what the differences are between WordPress.COM vs WordPress.ORG:





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    Thanks for the mention! I truly believe that their services are extremely misleading and at that free package they promote, there is absolutely no value in having that website.

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    Great article Karissa! It can be so hard to explain to clients why they should hire a professional web designer rather than build their own website. I have never seen Justin’s article. He goes over the technical stuff rather well. What do you think about square? They are rather new, seem like “beautiful” websites, but what is really going on there? I’ve been wanting to dive in and check it out when I get some extra time. Just for a good laugh. haha

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