Always have a ‘Update’ link in your eNewsletter

MailChimp_EditContactInfoTech Business Tip: In your email marketing newsletter template, ALWAYS have a ‘Update’ link in addition to the ‘Unsubscribe’ link.

I’ve unsubscribed from many newsletters just because I wanted to change the email address but that option wasn’t available and I’m not about to have to go hunting down how to sign back up again. I have a strategic email strategy where I don’t use ‘real’ email addresses for newsletters I subscribe to (I’m writing a post about it).

I see it the most with Infusionsoft emails but there IS an Update/Unsubscribe option.

Also make sure to include at least ONE link back to your primary website. Don’t make it hard for people to stay connected with you!


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    Great tip Karissa! I am actually already in the process of updating all of my email newsletters with the “update,” as well as allowing more specialized newsletter topics for subscribers to choose from

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