Case Study: MC Lessard

My work with MC Lessard started out with a branding package that included logo, tagline graphic, WordPress website design, social media graphics and icons, Free offer PDF & Wallpaper, bookmark and business card.


When she begun to build her “Weight Release Action Program” it started out as just a single page on her site. Once we really explored what the next steps were, it was clear that it needed its own Brand and a separate website. I took the heart from her personal brand and built the new brand around that.

The end result was a branding package that included a logo, WordPress website design, social media graphics & icons, FB link image, promotional image and other website promo section.

WRAP Branding Package

The style guide included a logo, color palette, typography, Logo icon, fav icon, socia media icons, textures, key images, website and branding package.


MC Lessard

I feel like I've won at the lottery! As a result of hiring Karissa, I not only have a logo and website that truly reflect my essence but I also have a strategic foundation from which future versions, as well as my online presence, will continue to be developed. Karissa is like a holistic web practitioner if you will. While collaborating, she listened attentively, researched diligently, and kept her nose to the grindstone until I was satisfied. Karissa is one of few people-focused, service-driven, and results-centred technical professionals out there. I highly recommend her services.

MC Lessard ♥

Emotionologist {View Personal Brand portfolio | View WRAP Brand portfolio}

Its been such a pleasure to work this deep with MC over the course of the last year and a half.
I hope this shows how I can  work with you too.


Love what you see?

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